“I have known Evan for several years in my capacity as owner and President of Ambrosia Software, Inc. Evan worked for me on various software projects, doing QA work as we developed the software, and then technical support to the end user afterwards. Based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best we have ever had.

Evan distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports for software defects, as well as acting as a concerned advocate for the user’s experience.

He was eager to speak up when he felt that issues needed to be addressed, to the betterment of the company. Evan is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills.”
– Andrew Welch, el Presidente @ Ambrosia Software

“Evan, in his dual role of customer support and QA engineer, is always focused on the customer. We worked in close proximity, so I could often hear his end of a support call, and I admired his patience and professionalism with even the most trying of customers. His bug reporting is always excellent and thorough, including all relevant details and logs, and he thinks creatively about testing, going beyond the test plan. Lastly, he is fun, good humored, and shares his excellent, homemade pickles with his coworkers.”
– Jon Gary, Software Engineer @ Ambrosia Software

“Evan is dedicated to the cause and always looking to improve the products and processes he’s involved with. He’s not afraid to speak up on any topic especially when representing the voice of the customer. Evan is able to filter out the priorities through the noise in an organized and intelligent manner that gets to heart of the situation. Evan is an asset and self motivated professional, he will deliver the information you need to hear.”
– Marcus Conge, Lead Artist @ Ambrosia Software

“Evan and I worked together on all projects at Ambrosia. His technical and customer service skills are excellent. He was able to take the most irate customer from 60-0 with humor, understanding, and most often with a solution to whatever problem he was faced with. If a solution was not forthcoming, he would push the development teams until one was found. Evan was always the most passionate advocate for the customer in every Sprint meeting. Evan is also an extremely savvy software tester and was QA manager for the iOS projects at Ambrosia. As QA manager Evan was able to deliver solid products on schedule. Evan’s commitment to customer satisfaction, excellent work demeanor and technical skills will make him an asset to any development team.”
– David Dunham, QA Manager @ Ambrosia Software

“Evan took his job as a QA engineer very seriously. His attention to detail was valued heavily when it came to deciding whether a product was ready to ship or not. Evan’s focus on shipping a quality product resulted in far fewer bugs making it into customer’s hands.”
– Rudy Richter, c-4 & demolitions expert @ Ambrosia Software

“Evan not only projects enthusiasm and commitment, but he delivers it to customers and co-workers as well. Highly talented and recommended.”
– James R. Aylesworth, Senior Mac Specialist @ Apple Computer

“It’s a pleasure to work with Evan. I have come to rely on his knowledge on Macs and Networking many times as a Business Consultant. His humor is always there, even when dealing with bad customers and I know that if anything comes up, he’ll try and help out.”
– Derek Shoales, Business Consultant @ Apple Computer