I am actively seeking an exciting and challenging remote or Rochester, NY based QA or technical support opportunity. I bring with me nearly two decades of experience in design, support and QA that has spanned the creative, corporate, educational and software development industries.

For the past 6 years I have been solely responsible for the technical support of Ambrosia Software’s library of Mac OS and iOS software products. After a couple years I was brought into the QA fold to lead QA for Ambrosia’s iOS and iOS related products such as iToner, Soundboard for iPad and Mondo Solitaire. I also assisted in the QA of Ambrosia’s flagship products for the Mac OS, such as Snapz Pro X and WireTap Studio. As a small company, I was involved in nearly every aspect of development; spitballing to release, betas to bug tracking.

The many hats I wore combined with my passion for art and design and unquenchable thirst to learn more would make me an ideal for a plethora of positions. While I have been primarily Mac and iOS based, my experience and skills can be applied to other platforms, tools and duties. I am agile and eagerly awaiting my next adventure. I welcome you to view my résumé, and I thank you for your time.